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Evaluating your CEO Succession Plan Webinar

Register now for the complimentary webinar, "Evaluating you CEO Succession Plan" on November 3rd from 2-3 p.m. EST. This is an opportunity to hear tales from the succession wars and learn how your business can have an effective succession plan that can reduce shareholder concerns and mitigate potential company risks.

For the Not-for-Profit sector, the challenges of succession planning can be compounded by dwindling financial support, economic instability, and an inability to recruit and retain potential management candidates.

Planning for Succession provides executive and management workshops aimed at addressing the key issues facing succession planning for the third sector. Delivered by John Szold and Jenny Struyk, the Preparing for the Shortage of ED's in Not-for-Profits workshop covers:

  • Identifying an effective succession planning process, differentiating between succession planning and replacement planning, promoting from within vs. hiring outside
  • Framing the succession planning process: the role of the ED and Board, the sponsorship of candidates and how to successfully integrate governance principles in the creation of a succession plan
  • Implementing the process: providing hands-on experience in formulating recommendations and making decisions about succession planning options