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Evaluating your CEO Succession Plan Webinar

Register now for the complimentary webinar, "Evaluating you CEO Succession Plan" on November 3rd from 2-3 p.m. EST. This is an opportunity to hear tales from the succession wars and learn how your business can have an effective succession plan that can reduce shareholder concerns and mitigate potential company risks.

Planning for Succession is committed to transparency in all aspects of client service, but most notably in the area of conflict of interest. To avoid any conflicts of interest, we first clearly define who our client is and specifically, whether we are working for the HR committee of the board or for the senior management of the company.

If Planning for Succession’s mandate comes from the board, we must then be chosen, instructed and our fee decided upon, by the board. In such a case, we require direct and unconstrained access to the board and its chair, and report to and have our performance assessed by the board.

During a board mandate Planning for Succession will accept no other work from the company without the explicit consent of the board, both during the mandate and for two years after a board mandate is ended.

Finally, the disclosure of our firm and its work, whether voluntarily or increasingly, as required by regulation, will be forthright and complete. Any such disclosure will be agreed to by Planning for Succession and the client before it is made.