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Evaluating your CEO Succession Plan Webinar

Register now for the complimentary webinar, "Evaluating you CEO Succession Plan" on November 3rd from 2-3 p.m. EST. This is an opportunity to hear tales from the succession wars and learn how your business can have an effective succession plan that can reduce shareholder concerns and mitigate potential company risks.

If a senior executive suddenly left your C-suite would you have someone inside, ready to step in and step up? Or would you have to crisis-call a headhunter?

If your answer is that you would make the call, it’s time to consider creating a succession plan or updating the one that’s probably languishing in the back of a drawer. Why? Because the primary purpose of a recruiting firm is to sell you a candidate, and being a buyer under duress is the worst position to be in. Having the right succession plan in place is where you really want to be.

Our business model isn’t based on selling you high-priced talent. We are independent, impartial and objective, and do not approach succession planning as a headhunting assignment. What we do is assess your bench strength, balancing subjective management evaluation with objective performance criteria and third-party assessment. We identify leaders within your organization who have senior-level potential and who will benefit from learning plans we’ll create with you.

One of the toughest challenges an organization faces is C-suite transition. So, before there’s a critical event, call us toll free: 800.487.0395

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